article by Laszlo Ebergenyi

The name is Bond, James Bond. We all know the character who has turned out to be the most famous spy working for the British Secret Service or better known as MI6, and this November, Skyfall was released. This is the 23rd Bond movie and the third starring Daniel Craig. This year the James Bond films also celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary since the first James Bond movie came out. The story of this character began with Ian Fleming who created James Bond in 1953 for his novels. Fleming was looking for a perfect and very masculine name for his character, and he took it from the name of an American ornithologist whom he knew because he was a birdwatcher as well, and thought the name had the perfect fit for what he was looking for. The character was introduced to the world in Fleming’s famous novel, and then Eon Productions started the film franchise for James Bond in 1962 with the first movie, Dr. No, starring Sean Connery. These days the character is known for his missions that he always does, the cars, the guns and the gadgets that he always get from the character Q, his class and British sense of humor, and the ladies. A James Bond movie would not be the same without any of these things; even the music is important because there is always the signature music for the movie. In the past six years we’ve had the British actor Daniel Craig playing the role of the agent, and he has done a great job. Before his first movie, Casino Royale, the critics, media, and the public were afraid that he was not going to fit what Ian Fleming had portrayed as the character of James Bond, but after the movie many of the people’s opinions were changed. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got a positive response of 95% with 220 reviews on the critic’s page. Some of the reviews stated: “The Daily Telegraph compared the quality of Craig’s characterization of Bond to Sean Connery’s and praised the script as smartly written, noting how the film departed from the series’ conventions. The Times compared Craig’s portrayal of the character to that of Timothy Dalton, and praised the action as edgy.” After this movie with great reviews and a spectacular performance by Craig the expectations went up for the next movie in the sequel, but when it came out the criticism that the movie got was not as positive as the ones for Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace is not thought to be a bad movie, but it was a peculiarly different movie from the classics. It did not get the general strong positive reviews because the critics liked Casino Royale more, but the critics still praised Craig’s performance as Bond, and they thought that the movie was still something that they could enjoy as an addition to the series. Two years after Quantum of Solace came out, this November saw the James Bond movie Skyfall. It was a movie that gave everybody the taste of the classic Bond with Daniel Craig again.

The movie kept the people wanting to know what was going to happen. Even though some things such as the use of many gadgets did not have a strong presence in this movie, it still portrayed the classic actions of Bond with his way of doing things and reacting to situations. Particularly, the way that they made the ending and the transition means there’s more of Bond to come. The film got really positive reviews and opinions with a 92% of approval in Rotten Tomatoes with 273 reviews. Some of the critics opinions were: “The Daily Telegraph’s film reviewer, Robbie Collin, considered Skyfall to be ‘often dazzling, always audacious’, and observed that as well as excellent action sequences, the film was also full of ‘humor and warmth.’ Collin predicted that the film ‘will be a stratospheric hit.’  Reviewing for The Times, Kate Muir called Skyfall, ‘a great British bulldog of a movie … a triumphant return to classic Bond.’ ” The movies always have the character of Bond being serious about what he does, and he always has a bit of British ironic and sarcastic humor. Some viewers and critics think that the movies may need more humorous moments apart from the non-stopping action that occurs, but they are still considered good movies and are now classics after 50 years. Daniel Craig wanted this movie to be his last one, but he ended up signing for some more movies, so that means that we will see him characterizing the famous James Bond and having to “resurrect” as his hobby for more years to come.